About Me

I’m a wife, working mama and neat freak who is obsessed with office supplies, staying organized and decorating our home. I love to celebrate any and all occasions and believe that every day should be lived to the fullest. Trying to balance work + home can get a little crazy at times so my goal every day is to just try to keep calm and mommy on.

I started blogging after my daughter, Addie Mae, was born in 2010 as a means of sharing pictures and milestones with friends and family. At the time I was still in the classroom, teaching history, and was feeling pretty confident in my ability to balance work and home. A few months after Addie’s first birthday I got my dream job – assistant principal! Before I even completed one school year in my new role we learned that we were expecting again! Going back to work after Mason was born was a struggle emotionally+ physically. Being a mom is tough – whether you are a “working mama” or “stay at home mama” every day is full of unique rewards and challenges. Keep Calm +  Mommy On represents women (not just moms) who support one another, believe in community, and accept that no one woman is perfect. 

My blog is my little place to share with others the things I love –  crafts, food, house decor, fitness, shopping, parties + holidays, projects around the house and of course, my family.  But it is also my little reminder to you amazing mamas out there to keep calm…and mommy on! 


  1. You are a teacher! :) And such an inspirational mama, too!