Friday, August 5, 2016

Backyard Olympics

Growing up I used to love watching the Summer Olympics. . .gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming and my all time favorite track and field! I think Addie is at just the right age to watch these events with me this summer. So, to get into the Olympic spirit, we held our own mini-Olympics in our backyard!

I dug out my old running medals, used a white table cloth and step stools to create a winner's podium, and gathered up our outdoor toys and Fourth of July decorations for some friendly sibling competition. Addison made a flag banner of some our favorite countries we like to root for. We used some pipe cleaners and pom-poms leftover from another craft to make our olive branch crowns and celebrated our victories with a chocolate cake topped with a homemade topper and Doritos "torches"! Let's go Team USA!