Monday, April 4, 2016

DIY Fairy House + Garden

I took advantage of some of the downtime I had last week waiting on our newest little gal to arrive and spent an afternoon crafting up a little fairy house and garden for my big girl! Addison loves all things fairies, so I surprised her with this easy DIY project. I love her sense of imagination and how she believes that the fairies will come to visit while she sleeps at night. 

Using a combination of newly purchased items, and things I had around the house, I was able to create this look for less than $30 (with my 40% off one item coupon!).

Here's what I bought at Michaels:

Wooden Wall Plaque $4.99 (used this as the tray - just pry the hanging tabs off the back)
Bag of Moss $7.49
Birch Tags (4 pack) $1.99
Mini Cabbage & Carrots $2.99
Mini Sunflower Pot $2.99
Treasures Chest $1.59
Bird House $1.00
Mushrooms $9.99

And here's what I had at home:

Hot glue gun
fish tank pebbles
fake flowers

I painted the bird house pink and then added the green moss to the roof using a hot glue gun. Next, I laid all the big pieces out on the tray (house, treasure chest, birch stepping stones and mushrooms) and glued those down the way I wanted them. Using hot glue again, I made the path with the stones and finally I glued down the extra moss in any open space left on the tray. I placed the sunflowers and veggies down without glue, figuring the fairies might like to switch things up each season! I also cut some fake flowers up from the stems and placed them all around.

The treasure chest opens and is the perfect size for fairies to leave little notes, treats or sweets for your special little someone! I think our fairies might be reminding Addie Mae how loved she is and how amazing she is as a big sister - especially as she settles into this new life with not one, but two siblings!

Addison was so excited when she discovered her little fairy house and garden after school last week! I love that twinkle in her eyes and I can't wait to see what the fairies have in store for her! Follow along on Instagram to see what they might be up to with #addiemaesfairygarden 

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