Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Lilly's

The melted snow and green grass has this gal all giddy over springtime! My favorite time of the year. Flowers start blooming, the weather warms up, the winter gear gets packed away until next year, and we are just that much closer to summer time! 

Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan? The summer after my freshmen year of college I worked in a children's clothing boutique on Cape Cod where we sold Lilly dresses in newborn sizes on up to little girls. The first time I rang up a size 3 month Lilly dress I actually asked my boss what the real price was. . .I thought for sure it was not ringing up right. After a quick crash lesson on the finer things in life, I returned to the register to finish ringing up the lady's purchase. I thought the moms coming in to shop were #craycray. Who spends over $100 on something that will only fit their tiny little human for a matter of weeks? Fast forward fifteen years and I still think spending that much on an infant is insane, but I do love the patterns, colors and decor that Lilly offers in her line of clothing, accessories and home decor. Don't be fooled, I still don't own any real Lilly, just a pair of shorts from the Target line last summer, #slummingit! But, a girl can still dream and drool over the fun things she offers! Her prints and patterns just scream spring and summer and make me want to cash in my savings and book a trip to Key West. 

Spring Lillys
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As a mom of daughters, the mother/daughter line is incredibly appealing! Assuming my kids want to look and dress like me, hah! And, if money were no option, this maxi dress would be hanging in my closet for sure. But for $248? No way! 

What designers or stores do you splurge on? Target is and always will be my happy place, but with the amount of money I spend waste there I could probably have filled half my closet with Lilly Pulitzer by now! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pink Blush: Maternity + Beyond

After Mason was born I lent, donated or tossed all of my maternity clothes. After all, we were done having babies and if I kept them around any longer I'd never find the motivation to eat properly and workout. Okay, so I may have kept a few pairs of maternity yoga pants, but in my defense they are the most super comfortable pair of pants I've ever owned. . .and I never wore them in public. At least not too often. 
Pink Blush Mint Green Floral Chiffon Maternity Dress
So this past summer when we learned we were expecting bambino number three, I had to re-invest in a whole new maternity wardrobe. I have a hard time spending money on things that aren't practical, so the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars on maternity clothes {again} just to get me through the next six months or so made my poor getting-out-of-debt heart cringe. That is, until I discovered Pink Blush Maternity. Friends, if you are expecting, if you plan on making a baby soon, or have pregnant friends you must check this site out! And, if you're not sporting the baby bump you can shop their non-maternity line here

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Pink Blush is a family business that provides expecting mamas with fun, flirty and feminine fashions that will last you throughout your whole pregnancy and beyond for affordable prices {and free shipping on orders over $50!}. I have placed several orders over the last few months and have been happy with every single one of them! Best of all, just about every piece I've ordered is something I can wear post partum as part of my normal, everyday wardrobe {without actually looking like it is maternity}!

So, when Pink Blush offered to collaborate with me I jumped at the opportunity! I discovered Pink Blush at the beginning of my pregnancy and immediately fell in love with the style, comfort and affordability of the clothing and accessories. Not to mention, everything I've purchased has been incredibly flattering on this growing body of mine! I'm a fan for life and am already looking forward to my first post-maternity purchase! 

I originally ordered this dress thinking I'd have had a baby already and planned on wearing it for Easter Sunday to cover up my big ole' post baby belly! Well, here we are a day before Easter, 5 days past due, and still no baby {I know, I know...good things come to those who wait}. So, not only will it fit me tomorrow but it is also the perfect transition piece for the baby showers, wedding and other fancy events I have to attend this spring!

I love this coral, multi-printed maternity cardigan from Pink Blush for so many reasons. Mostly, because it is the softest, most comfy material. But also, because it can be worn both pre and post baby, and across each season. Throw the cardigan on over a white tank or tee shirt until the weather warms up, use it as a bathing suit cover up in the summer, or layer it with a top, cute booties and skinny jeans in the fall! After baby is born, use it to easily cover up while nursing. No belly, no problem! This piece will still be one of my wardrobe staples long after the bump is gone {or at least the big bump...I'm sure I'll always be a little squishy lol}!

And for those of you wanting a more flattering view, hah! 

Be sure to follow Pink Blush Maternity {@pinkblushmaternity} and Pink Blush Women {@shoppinkblush} on Instagram for wardrobe ideas, shopping, savings, discount codes and updates to their line!  Happy shopping my friends!

The coral, multi-printed cardigan was provided to me for free by Pink Blush Maternity in exchange for my honest review of the product. The rest of the shirts and dresses in my closet were purchased by yours truly! All views and opinions about Pink Blush in my post are my own. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easy Easter Bunny Cake

Hi friends! It's been nice to take a little break from blogging these past few months. I was able to focus on family, work, and other things that required my attention. But, I'm excited to share that I am back! And what better time to pick back up where I left off from then while I am sitting here waiting on a baby? I mean, a girl can only clean and nest and bake so much before she goes a little stir crazy. 

I am still working (saving up those days for more baby snuggles) but baby number three should be here any day now. And, just in case little miss makes a late arrival like her older siblings, we're gearing up for Easter weekend a little early with this easy Easter Bunny cake! The original idea came from a post I saw on Pinterest last year, but with our own little special touches to it. 

My mom (a.k.a. the cake whisperer) flew into town this weekend, so us girls had a fun little afternoon baking and decorating this cute concoction. My grandfather comes from a long line of pastry chefs and owned his own bakery and was a professor of culinary arts. My mom inherited his love and skill of baking and she has passed this passion down to me and Addie Mae (though my skill level is way inferior to hers!).

You don't have to be a pastry chef to pull off this yummy treat. Here's what you need:

Cake Mix*
White Frosting
Edible Grass
Chocolate Bunny
Jelly Beans
Decorative Banner (optional) 

 *(your favorite boxed variety is perfectly acceptable - you don't have to bake from scratch!)

Bake your cake according to the directions and allow to cool before you start decorating. We used two 9 inch round pans and used the frosting to layer. Frost the cake (don't worry about keeping it neat) and then add the edible grass. I bought the grass at Target and Addie and my mom used kitchen scissors to cut it all up. Once your frosting is on, stick the grass on and top with jelly beans (Cadbury mini eggs work too!). Addie had fun putting the "eggs" on top. I picked up the dark chocolate bunny and some fancy looking speckled jelly bean eggs at Homegoods. The cake bannner is from Target.

And last but not least, enjoy! I don't think we'll be waiting until next weekend to dig in and eat this scrumptious looking dessert. It might turn into a Happy First Day of Spring cake instead!

Wishing all of you a very happy first day of Spring and a wonderful Easter weekend!