Friday, October 16, 2015

Baby No. 3 Gender Reveal

The waiting is over and the results are in! Sharing baby number three's gender today!

My ultrasound was originally scheduled for October 23rd, so when the doctor's office called me earlier this week to see if they could reschedule for October 16th I said, "heck yeah!" I immediately decided to get a little sneaky and not tell my hubby and kiddos! I surprised them when Addie got off the bus with balloons and a fun little family photo shoot. Addison, of course, was up for the challenge. Mason, on the other hand, lost interest mid way through! So, without further ado. . .

Sorry boys, you're officially outnumbered! 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fiscal Friday No. 4: The Road to Financial Freedom

Depending on your circumstances, the road to financial freedom will vary from family to family. Ours is a long, hilly road with lots of pit stops and detours. But, on the way, we've stayed the course and will stick to our plan to reach the end.

Here are some things that have really helped us stay the course. . .

1. Plan Your Road Trip

It is important for Sean and I to sit down once or twice a month to talk finances. We check our budget and make sure we're sticking to our plan. If unexpected purchases come up (i.e. we need a ladder to clean out the gutters) we find a way to fit it in or make it a priority for the next month's budget. Just seeing how we allotted our money for the month is a nice reminder of how hard we are working. 

2. Only Use Cash

Even though debit cards provide direct access to money in your checking account, you're a lot less likely to spend money when you have to hand over a crisp $20 bill to the cashier. 

3. Stay Fueled

Read books, blog posts or magazine articles about how other families became debt free. What works for one family won't always work for another. Stay motivated and educated on how to best help your family. 

4.  It's a Detour, Not a Road Block

We can't predict everything. Life doesn't always go as planned and you may have to set aside savings one month to pay for things up front. Or you might get "lost" and overspend when your favorite store has a sale. That's okay. No one is perfect. It is going to happen. We've done it too. The important thing is that you get right back on track and refocus your efforts on paying off your debts. Believe me, you'll have plenty of cash when this is all said and done to go shopping with!

Our goal of being completely debt free will be met in just a few more months! One more school loan and a credit card and, BOOM, we're done! Interested in doing the same? Check out the last few posts (here, here and here) and start your own debt-free journey! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Finds 2015

Hi friends! Sharing my Fall Finds for 2015 today. . .which means I have officially said goodbye to summer. With a growing baby in my belly I'm looking to accessorize this fall with cute boots, nail polish, scarves, vests and jewelry.

Fall Finds 3915

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The majority of my fall and winter wardrobe consists of black and gray clothes. This year I'm trying to bring in a little color with varying shades of blue, purple, red and green. Now I just need to find a winter coat big enough to cover the baby bump!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

She's off to School

It's hard to believe that it's already been a month since I've sent my sweet baby girl off to school on the school bus! I knew it was going to be a tough day (for mama) but no one prepared me for the crazy tears...we're talking snot out of the nose, flushed cheeks and convulsion kind of tears! My baby girl. On a bus. Out of my sight. Out of my control. Woah. 

This girl of mine was more than ready, she was ecstatic. And her excitement for school is still running strong. In fact, I had to keep her home for two days (thanks to a sweet fever and head cold) and you would have thought the world is going to end. "But, mama! I am going to miss so many new things to learn at school!"

As is our tradition, Addie got her annual school cone on the first day filled with school supplies and yummy goodies. You can see last year's here! Last year Addie wanted to be a pediatrician and a vet. Now, she'd much rather be a farmer. At least there's a trend with the animals!

It is going to be one busy year for this little lady! Ballet, tap, hip hop, riding lessons and scouts. Phew! I'm exhausted just thinking about her schedule.

And then there's this. "Stop crying mommy." Lord knows, I tried! I'm going to credit all these tears I'm shedding to the crazy pregger hormones!