Thursday, April 30, 2015

Talk Derby To Me

Talk Derby To Me

Going to the Kentucky Derby is high up on the bucket list. Big hats, fancy dresses, mint juleps. . .I mean, does it get any fancier than that? Derby parties are all of the rage these days and even stores here in New England seem to cater to the big event. You don't have to be at Churchill Downs, or even buy a fancy hat you'll never wear again, to get into the spirit though. These are just a few of my favorite Kentucky Derby inspired items {click here for sources}. Happy shopping! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mini Maypole DIY

Hi friends! Today I'm excited to share with you this cute and tasty treat just in time for May 1st! Maypoles are very popular where I grew up in Europe and many towns overseas still celebrate this ancient folklore tradition on the first day of May each year. In lieu of a big festival {or trying to convince my husband to make one for the backyard} I decided to make my own mini maypole cupcake this year to pass the tradition on to my little ones.


paper straws
ribbon in assorted colors
hot glue gun

Using your hot glue gun to attach them, layer your ribbons on top and around the straw. Glue them to different starting points to help create the wrapped around look. Once the glue is cool, insert into your cupcake! It really is that quick + easy. You can make one big one and use cake platters for a layered look or cut your straws in half and make individual ones for multiple cupcakes. 

Surprise your little ones, neighbors or colleagues with a special treat this Friday. . . I guarantee they'll love it! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oh, Mr. Sun

This past week has been a tease. The sun has been shining, the temperatures climbed to the upper 60s and the grass is finally green again. Oh, Mr. Sun how I have missed you. Need a little sunshine in your life? Here are a few of my favorite {yellow} things:

Oh Mr. Sun

Oh Mr. Sun by keepcalmmommyon
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Happy Shopping + Happy Spring!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Unicorn Tea Party

Be still my little party planning heart! When Addie asked if she could plan a unicorn themed tea party for her friends last weekend I may have squeaked out loud in excitement. Clearly, this girl has her mama wrapped around her tiny little finger.

We kept it simple (and affordable) and used things we already had for decorations: fake grass and a pastel colored table cloth from our Easter bin, all the toy unicorns miss Addie Mae owns, pink buckets and trays from around the house and a package of plastic cups and napkins I won in a raffle at the Vera Bradley store a few years ago. And a teapot, of course.

We didn't go overboard with the menu either: Milk, assorted candy ($1 a bag at Target) to fill the "unicorn horns" with, and cupcakes from our local bakery. The only other cost was a few coloring books and sparkling unicorn crayons (Thank you, Crayola!) from Target (all $1 or less - score!).

Addie was very concerned that we didn't have unicorn place mats (or even any that matched her color scheme) so we used 4 pieces of pink scrapbook paper instead. Clean up was easy-peasy!

Addison had a great time with her sweet friends. Nothing like pumping a bunch of little ladies full of sugar before sending them back home with their parents! Afterwards, I asked Addie if she would maybe want to own her own party planning business when she grew up. I even offered to come and work for her. Her response . . . "Well, when I grow up to be a mommy I am going to be a paleontologist. So, I won't really have time to plan parties because I'll be busy travelling all over the world with my kids looking for dinosaur bones. But maybe on the weekends. Or maybe you can just plan parties by yourself." #loveher #bubbleburst

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow? |2015 Edition|

Last Spring we got the idea to let Addie plant her own little garden. It was the perfect Springtime activity for our girl. She took care of it all season long and the flowers she picked to plant bloomed all throughout the summer and into fall. The snow wasn't gone but two days and Addie Mae was already asking when she could go and pick out her flowers for this year's garden. And after the winter we had, I was all for it!

I couldn't even tell you what kinds of flowers she choose (she's a pick the flower based on the color kinda gal) but already her tiny garden looks great! Mason even got in on the action. Give the kid a chance to ride in the John Deere power wheels and he is all in for manual labor.

What are your favorite Spring time activities with kids? Anyone have any luck growing fruit or veggies in their garden? That is our next venture! #wevegonecountry

Friday, April 3, 2015

April Showers

I think it is safe to say that winter is finally over in New England and Spring is slowly starting to creep in. We've had a lot of rain lately but I am perfectly okay with that because it is helping to melt all of this snow away. Believe it or not, I can actually see 75% of my lawn! Woot, woot!

I spend a lot of time outside so it's essential to have the perfect pair of rain boots. There is nothing worse than cold, wet, soggy toes! My go to brand is Kamik (the flowered ones below) - you can find them at most department shoe stores or outdoor apparel stores. I have a pair in black that is still in great condition after three years.

April Showers

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Happy Shopping!