Monday, October 6, 2014

Lyric Wall DIY


One of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest was a picture of a blogger's kitchen wall with the the words from her wedding song written in script in white permanent marker. At the time, Sean and I were still living in our teeny tiny rental apartment in the city but I knew that someday I wanted to do something similar in my own home. Fast forward a few years, and several thousand pins later, and I finally got around to creating my own lyric wall. The original pin has since been removed and despite my efforts I could not find the original post anywhere in the blogosphere. So to the amazingly creative lady out there with the words from her wedding song on her kitchen wall, thank you for this great idea! 

Sean and I had sat on this project for months, toiling with exactly how to do it. Even though I remembered the blog post as having used a white permanent marker we decided we should use something paint based, in case I screwed up and we wanted to paint over it. I think part of me also hesitated for so long because I didn't trust my own penmanship. . .I knew in my mind what I wanted it to look like but was afraid this would turn out to be one of those epic Pinterest fails!

Finally, one afternoon while Mason was napping and Sean and Addie were at the movies for a daddy/daughter date I decided the heck with it, and I just did it! What I stressed over for months ended up taking less than three hours and turned out even better than I expected.

Armed with a level, a pencil, and a step stool I did some quick math and then lined the wall. To help make sure all of my letters were the same size I did a straight line every 3 inches and a dashed line every 1.5. . .just like in elementary school! I also taped the lyrics up with painters tape to make sure I didn't miss a line. After a few practice strokes on a poster board I bit the bullet and started writing on my wall. There was no turning back! 

I used this calligraphy paint marker in white (I  went through two of them) and the words to one of our favorite songs, "God Gave Me You," by Dave Barnes. You probably know the more popular version recorded by Blake Shelton. Its on the first wall you would see walking in through the front door.

To make sure the words ran from side to side I just wrapped the text around if I didn't finish a word on one line. I had to cut one of the chorus lines out to make it fit but it was a repeat so it wasn't a big deal.

When I finished writing I simply erased my lines (this made the walls look a little greasy so Sean later took a magic eraser to the walls and it cleaned it up perfectly). Initially, I thought I might try and go over the words to make the white stand out more but after letting it sit for a few days the lighter more faded look really grew on us, more subtle and class, less graffiti-like. 

This is such a quick and easy way to spruce up a wall. Nursery rhymes or lullabies in the baby's room, wedding vows in the master bedroom, recipes on the kitchen wall...the options are endless! Don't like your own handwriting, invite a friend over to do the honors!