Friday, February 21, 2014

Pretending to be a SAHM

This past week was February vacation week across New England and unlike most of my friends and colleagues I did not travel south to escape snowpocalypse. Instead, I stayed home and pretended to be a stay at home momma. B e s t. V a c a t i o n. E v e r.

I got to do fun things like snuggle with this guy before his naps. I don't care that the pediatrician wants him to fall asleep on his own in his crib. I wanted snuggles. Goobey-faced, drooley-mouth,  baby snoring kind of cuddles from my little man. Nothing like carving some time out of my day to watch my Moose sleep. I love him!

We filled up Addie's "purse" with quarters and took a ride to the mall for a little amusement. Moose loved driving the big truck. Despite her deer in the headlights expression, Addie had a blast too. "One more ride, mama?" Of course! It's vacation! Who needs Disney?

Of course, I would much prefer it if my children were of the sleeping in variety. That model wasn't available at the time of their birth. But, if you have to be up before the sun comes up the only way to do it is with warm milk, hot cocoa and snuggles under the covers. (Note to children: You both look exhausted. Go back to sleep. Love, Momma)

We made sock puppets. Well, Addie made sock puppets. It kind of went down like this...

Addie: Mommy, I have an idea. We should make sock puppets and put on a puppet show!

Me: (Probably looking at Instagram or Pinterest or wiping boogers off of Mason - not paying any attention to her at all).  Yeah, sure, great idea!

Addie disappears for a few minutes. I still don't notice. I think by now I've moved on to trying to find something to whip up for dinner. But our fridge is bare. Remember, I am just pretending to be a stay at home mama. I don't really have my act together like you brave and selfless mamas do!

Addie: Look mommy, what do you think of my puppet?

Me: (Looking over) Oh, wow. You really made a puppet. Out of your socks! With markers and all.

Addie: (Big grin) Do you like it, mommy?

Me: I love it baby girl! You are so creative. I am glad you picked the white socks, it really shows the colors you chose to make the puppets face.

Addie: I think I need bigger ones now. I'm going to go get a pair of daddy's socks.

Me: (Finally paying attention) Sweetie, why don't we use some leftover material I have instead. This way Daddy doesn't have silly looking feet when he takes his shoes off at work!

Addie: (Pleased as punch) Okay!

Sean-O had a day off this week as well so we even managed to squeeze in a day date with each other! Lunch, Starbucks, a child-less trip to Target and the car dealership. We really know how to live it up. Our twenty five year old selves are shaking their heads at us.  

Addie helped me get all dolled up for our "date" by insisting I wear her gold Mardi Gras beads. "Here Mommy, now Daddy will think you are the prettiest mommy in the whole wide world." Thank you my girl. I'm pretty sure Molly Sims has me beat there...but she doesn't do daddy's laundry, or cook for him, or laugh at his silly jokes, or put up with his ridiculously loud snoring noises. So, I'm not too worried about it. But the beads are pretty, very pretty. And classy too. 

Back to work and back to our previously scheduled lives on Monday. Is it too early to start counting down the days until April vacation?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Winter Wonderland

I'm so over winter but I have to admit that this most recent snow storm did put a smile on my face. We were hit with another 10 inches this past weekend that, coupled with the sun shining, made for a beautiful winter wonderland. 

Moose giving Daddy a hand with the plow

Thumbs up for Daddy's hard work clearing out the driveway

It was too cold for the snow to pack and stick together for a snowman - so we did what we could!

Hoping the 3 inches we're expecting during tomorrow's snow fall (ugh!) is a little wetter so we can build a proper snowman!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making Our House a Home: Addie's Bedroom Inspiration Board

Have you ever stumbled upon Polyvore? I am pretty sure it is my new favorite website! One of it's many amazing features is creating outfit or decor boards for inspiration - with direct links to the items!

We are coming up on the one year mark in the new house soon and I've yet to finish a single room in terms of decorating and hanging art and pictures. We are doing pretty good furniture wise, but our walls, windows and floors could use a little love. I have a few vacation days next week so I want to get at least one or two rooms done. Time to start making this house feel like a home.

Addie's room is, by far, the most decorated room in the house. So I figured I'd start with hers since it is practically finished. I'm going for the bright and cheery look. I want her room to be girly without being overly pink. A space that is toddler friendly and appropriate but not something she'll outgrow before kindergarten.

Addie's Bedroom

Addie already has the bed and bookcase pictured so to get the look above I'm on the hunt for budget-friendly accessories, a rug, prints, pillows, and toy storage (sources here). I also really, really, really want to get here these in gold!  

I'm looking forward to putting the final touches on her room.
Of course, I'll be sure to share lots of pictures!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gender Reveal Redux

Thank you all so much for listening to me complain last week! I am feeling so much better now and back to my usual self. It is nice to have a little sympathy every now and then and I also appreciate all of the well wishes!

My friend Emily suggested I share the gender reveal photo shoot we did when we were expecting Mason. With so many friends and family members expecting right now I thought, why not? I always find it fun to go back and look at pictures, especially ones that capture such exciting moments for our little family. Because I just pulled them off my old site the quality of the pictures is horrendous, but you get the idea! 

I originally shared most of these pictures on the first blog I had started back in 2010, which has remained accessible only to family and close friends. I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but it was all discovered on Pinterest. There are so many variations of this. Borrow and steal away - why reinvent the wheel?

To capture a similar moment you'll need to ensure you have the staff conducting the ultrasound are in the know and provide them with paper and an envelope to seal the results in. Prepare your box in advance! I used pink, blue, black & white paint and used various Pyrex bowls to trace my circles with. Next, swing by your local party store (with your box) and ask them to wait until you have left to open the envelope and then proceed to fill the box with as many pink or blue (or whatever colors you prefer) balloons as possible. It might be helpful to provide written instructions - just in case! It is very important for them to seal the box without any balloons showing through! Pick the box up and pay for however many balloons they could fit! Next stop, photo shoot!


1. If I could do it all over I'd ask the party store clerk to attach ribbons to the balloons and tie them into the box to make it more environmentally friendly. I did not think of that until it was too late. To make up for it, we've since planted two trees to make up for any environmental damage we may have caused that day. 

2. Make sure you do not look at the party store receipt - it lists the color of the balloon they scan! Just tell them to toss it! Also, probably a good idea to call them ahead of time to make sure it is ready to be picked up. No one wants a botched gender reveal!

3. Ask them for two separate bouquets (blue or pink for example) to keep for post-reveal shots (if you didn't already ask them to tie them into the box). 

4. You can also do this indoors - then you don't risk choking a bird. 

Big thanks to Grandpa and Uncle Tyler for taking the pictures for us!

Confession time. I wanted a girl. I am a girl, I had a girl, I know girls. I actually cried later that night because I was so convinced I was having another girl. I know, this makes me an awful mother. We're supposed to say we're happy and just want our baby to be healthy...well I wanted a healthy baby girl. I cried several times during my pregnancy. I pretended to be so excited I was having a boy. Everyone said, oh how perfect, one of each! Don't get me wrong, of course I was happy to be having a baby and I loved that little boy growing inside of me with my whole heart. I was just a little unsure of what to expect once he was on the other side of the womb. I talked to my hubby about this shortly after Mason was born and asked if he felt the the same way when we learned Addie was a girl. He was pretty honest and said, yeah, of course he wanted a little boy. But the moment he first held her in his arms she had him wrapped around her finger!

Then I had a boy. My boy. My little man. The moment he was born he melted my heart and I couldn't imagine not having my boy. He is perfect and handsome and fierce and he loves ME so much. And yes, life it pretty perfect with my one girl and my one boy. 

I always wonder if other moms pregnant with boys, especially the first time around, feel the same way. Just a little bit dissapointed it isn't a girl? When I talk to pregnant mamas waiting on their boys I always say to them, "Just you wait! He is going to melt your heart! Like, make your hubby/partner jealous kind of melt your heart!" I want to say to them, "It's okay if you wanted a girl. It's okay if you were just a little dissapointed when you first learned it was a boy. But just wait until he is here and you will be so head over heels in love with him and you'll know you were meant to have a boy!" But I don't. Because I'm probably the only horrible mama out there that felt this way! 

P.S. Just to be clear - I love both of my children and am so blessed to have two perfect tiny humans to bring love and laughter to my life. I cannot imagine a world without either one of them and I am so lucky to be their momma. 

P.P.S. Mase - one day you might read this and think your momma is nuts. Well, I am...but I'm also nuts about you! Please know, my sweet boy, that your mommy has loved you ever since the moment I first learned you were growing inside of me (which was a totally unexpected surprise, but the best damn surprise ever and a story for another day). That love has grown more and more with each passing day. I have never not wanted you! I love you Moose!

P.P.P.S Addie Mae - now you are probably reading this and thinking, "Hey, where's the love?" Well, my sweet girl you know that I have loved you always and will love you forever. You are my mini me, my peanut, my tootsie-magootsie, my bunsies, my girl. Smooches!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blow Your Nose and Mommy On

Pink eye sucks. Having an allergic reaction to your prescribed ointment sucks even more. Your eye swelling to the size of a golf ball sucks the most. Getting a nasty head cold immediately following sucks the mostest. Losing vision in one eye, hacking your lungs out and blowing your nose raw while trying to entertain, feed, bathe, and keep two children alive while your hubby is working ridiculously long hours and isn't home to help sucks the mostestest. I know. These words don't exist. But they should. Because that's how awful I've felt the last week and half. The most awfulestestest you could feel.

I think my absolute least favorite part of parenting is being sick. Pre-kids I could go to bed early, call out of work, snuggle under my covers all day sipping hot tea, watching crappy day time television, and be back to my normal healthy self the next day. Kids change everything. They don't let you sleep. They don't know that banging on their toys kills the pounding headache you already have. They don't understand that you can't read stories or sing songs because your throat is throbbing! And they certainly don't want to go to bed earlier than usual so that mommy can get a break!

My eye finally opened up after the 2nd prescription I was given. Ugh. 
In case you haven't picked up on it by now, there is nothing heartfelt, emotional, fun, creative or insightful about tonight's post! Just me, complaining. Feel free to send some sympathy my way! I suppose it wouldn't be so terrible if Sean worked a little closer to home or if my parents didn't live on another continent. Then, at least, I'd have a helping hand. (I have to give hubs super high fives though for taking the midnight shifts with the babe, who was also sick, this week so I could get some rest - thank you my love!)

There are so many families who face disease and illness on a daily basis in a capacity that far exceeds my puny pink eye and cold problems. I cannot even imagine how those mamas do it. I know that I have so much to be thankful for and in reality, nothing to complain about.

Hoping my snuggle bug will fall back asleep so I can get a little more shut eye. Wishful thinking. 
So, as much as it sucks when you are in the thick of it, you just have to keep calm, blow your nose (then wash your hands so no one else gets sick), and mommy on. As much as I want to chug Nyquil and crawl back into bed, I have a responsibility to my two little loves. So, I chew on a cough drop, put in my eye drops, and I play princesses, build towers, and read books. I allow myself to cheat on making dinner, skip baths, and even allow Addie to watch a show or two. This too shall pass. And it can't pass fast enough!

Putting our happy faces on. Ain't no one got time to be sick!

Thanks for letting me rant. Here's to a healthier end of the week and weekend!

Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Party Photo Booth

The problem with having a winter baby is that when it comes time for the party there aren't a whole lot of options for entertaining when you can't open the doors and just let the kiddos run around outside. So, for Mason's first birthday party we set up a photo booth for guests to have a little fun with. Photo booths seem to be the latest craze at weddings and other events - but they aren't cheap! So, why not make your own?

Use painter's tape to attach gift wrap to a wall or door as your background. Use cut outs (these were made on the Cricut but you could print your own onto card stock and cut the old fashioned way) glued to paper straws or props from around your house (old glasses, crazy hats, scarves, costume jewelry, etc). Snap the shots yourself, edit, print and enclose a copy with your thank you cards to guests! 

And because this was too cute not to two boys. Can't you see why I'm head over heels in love with these two?