Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Halloween Decorations

I've seen several variations of these mummies all over Pinterest, on Mason jars and canned veggies for example, so I with a few minutes to spare and all of the necessities on hand, I put my own spin on these adorable and festive decorations. Best part, it cost me next to nothing and took less than 10 minutes to make! Here's what I used:

I think it took longer to gather up all of the things I needed than it did to actually create them. Once I had everything in order, I simply wrapped the bandage around my vases (I have a ton of these from the dollar store) in a cris-crossed pattern. I used the hot glue gun to hold the two ends in place but you could probably use something less permanent. I was just too lazy at that point to go and get something else! Using the hot glue gun again I stuck on the googly eyes. Turned on the flame-less tea light candle, dropped it in and voila, done!

Later this weekend I'll share the rest of my Halloween decorations with you. I have a few more finishing touches to put on them before they are "picture perfect"!

P.S. You should go and check out my friend Sam's new blog, Inked in Glitter

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